The Verbal To Visual Podcast - Derek Bruff - Trends in higher education and visual thinking in the classroom

VTV 016 : Derek Bruff – Trends In Higher Education And Visual Thinking In The Classroom

In this episode of The Verbal To Visual Podcast I chat with educator Derek Bruff about the trends he is seeing in higher education and the way he is incorporating visual thinking into his own classroom and helping other teachers to do the same.

Notes & Links

Find out more about Derek and his work at his website.

Here are some visual notes I took during our conversation:

Derek Bruff Trends In Higher Education Sketchnotes 1 - Verbal to visual podcast  - center for teaching, flipped classroom, tech, active class time

Derek Bruff Trends In Higher Education Sketchnotes 2 - the verbal to visual podcast - connection via the web, social pedagogies, broad audience, writing seminar, math, cryptography, guest blogging, students as producers, online portfolio

Derek Bruff Trends In Higher Education Sketchnotes 3 - the verbal to visual podcast - scott mccloud understanding comics, garr reynolds presentation zen, visual metaphors, powerpoint makeover, concept maps, mental models

Derek Bruff Trends In Higher Education Sketchnotes 4 - the verbal to visual podcast, visual metaphors, visual structure, visual thinking, blooms taxonomy, understand analyze evaluate create

Derek Bruff Trends In Higher Education Sketchnotes 5 - the verbal to visual podcast - edward tufte - the visual display of quantitative information, hans rosling

Derek is the director of Vanderbilt’s Center for Teaching and he also teaches within the math department.

We talked about the idea of the flipped classroom – here’s an FAQ on the topic that Derek wrote. With high-quality content coming from TED Talks, Khan Academy, and others, flipping your classroom is now an easier transition to make.

Derek mentioned the work of Randy Bass at Georgetown University on the topic of social pedagogies and having students construct their knowledge by representing that knowledge to an authentic audience.

Writing and mathematics go together! Here are some posts Derek has written about a writing seminar course he teaches on the topic of cryptography. A number of the students in that course have submitted posts to the blog Wonders and Marvels.

Here are the books that came up during our converstion:

My chat with Derek reminded me of this chat with K-12 educator Paula Wilkes, who also brought visual thinking into the classroom by teaching her students how to create mind maps.

A good entry point for educators to start using visual techniques in the classroom is with VisualsSpeak – a curated collection of high-quality photographs to spark creativity.

The coolest TED Talk ever, according to Derek.

Derek has created some wonderful Prezis: here’s one on visual presentations, another on visual assignments, and a third on visual engagement techniques.

Connect with Derek:


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