We Have Lift Off; Beware of Feature Creep; Goodbye Apps, Hello Newspaper; The Doug Neill Show - Episode #5

We Have Lift Off!

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In this episode we explore the ups and downs of launching something new, why you should be wary of adding more and more layers to your creative projects, and how replacing digital stimuli with a simple newspaper might help you do better work.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #5

Recorded on January 17th, 2019

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Part 1: We Have Lift Off!

0:42 – 11:41

Celebrating the launch of this podcast and exploring the emotional ups and downs that occur once something you’ve been working on for months is out in the world where others can see it!

  • Shoutout to the first Patrons! Huge thank you to Fabris, Raven, John, Joy, Lazar, and Urs. If you’d like to support the show and participate in follow-up conversations each week, then join us on Patreon.
  • This show keeps me in touch with what it’s like to start something new, and with my work at Verbal To Visual I can reflect on the continued development of a project that already has a solid foundation.
  • Related segment (in the realm of promoting something new that you just launched): That’s Not Your Job.

Beware of Feature Creep

11:41 – 17:30

The trap of adding more and more layers to a creative project, and how I almost created twice as much work for myself on this show!

  • Do episodes 3 and 4 sound different than the others? While recording those I was looking into a camera, unlike the first two episode or this fifth one.
  • The tool that I used to test out sketched overlays on top of talking head videos – the app Procreate on the iPad with Apple Pencil. Here’s a video on how I’ve used that tool in the past.

Here’s a short clip that shows what I was testing out!

Should I start making videos like that if we hit a certain number of supports over on Patreon?

Goodbye Apps, Hello Newspaper

17:30 – 22:16

How I’m trying to instill better media consumption habits by deleting social media apps from my phone and subscribing to a daily physical newspaper.

  • This segment is a bit of a follow-up to one from a few months ago: Quitting Social Media. That segment lived in one of my early test episodes, which you get to listen to if you support the show on Patreon!
  • I decided to subscribe to The New York Times to help combat my addiction to my phone.

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