Decide What’s Essential

As we begin the process of wrapping up one year and preparing for the next, I think it’s a good time to ask the question: what’s essential this year?

That’s the question that I ask and answer myself in the video above, and it’s the question that I encourage you to consider as well.

In many ways, this is a follow-up to a video that I made just over a year ago summarizing the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

I hope that you find it helpful to see how I’m thinking about this past year and the year to come.

What I pursued in 2019, and what I’ll be focusing on in 2020.

What will you deem to be essential this next year?

Dig Deeper

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Here’s a great place to start: An Introduction to Visual Note-Taking.

You can explore the full course library here.

Good luck deciding what you’d like to focus on in the year to come!