Why I’m Live Streaming My Sketchnotes

Throughout the month of March I’ve decided to live stream my sketchnotes to YouTube every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10:00am Pacific Time.

In the video above and post below I share why.

To get better at talking and thinking while writing and drawing.

No matter what you’re working on, it’s easy to get stuck and feel paralyzed. What I appreciate about sketchnoting is how it can help you get unstuck, especially if you don’t spend too much time just sitting and thinking without making any marks. Going live in this way will give me the opportunity to get better at bouncing quickly between those four activities of talking, thinking, writing, and drawing (and sometimes doing a few of those things simultaneously).

To deepen my connect with the YouTube audience.

Even though I’ve been publishing consistently to YouTube for years, I don’t think I’ve found my groove yet, neither in the style of the videos I share nor in the way I’m building a connection with those who watch them. Going live and having conversations with folks in the live chat (or in the comments later) will give me the opportunity to get to know you better, and vice versa.

Why I’m live streaming my sketchnotes on YouTube throughout the month of March.

To emphasize enthusiasm over polish, and slay perfectionism.

The more time I spend drafting the visuals and script for a video, the harder it is to share my genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter when it comes time to hit record. So I’ve decided to jump on air while the ideas are still new and fresh. My hypothesis is that the enthusiasm I bring will make up for the lack of polish. And who knows, the lack of polish itself might even make for better videos.

To explore interesting topics, together.

Sketchnoting is an aid to thinking clearly about a particular topic. I want to use these live streams to explore interesting topics (related to visual thinking of course, but also creativity, education, entrepreneurship, etc.) in a collaborative format. I’m the one capturing the ideas, but I’m also listening to those who are sharing their comments, reflections, and questions in the live chat during the stream and in the comments after.

To depict what visual thinking actually looks like.

As much as I love speeding up my writing and drawing so that it fits tightly with my narration, I worry that viewing too many videos in that style does a disservice to those who want to develop and use their own visual thinking skills. The live steams, as well as the edited down clips, will give a much better sense for what it actually feels like to sketchnote.

To build up a buffer of videos that I’ll publish throughout my paternity leave.

My wife is pregnant with twins! I’m creating a parental leave for myself throughout April and May, and part of that involves creating a bunch of videos that are ready to publish to YouTube. The live streams are a way to force me to do that. Within each live stream we’ll explore three to five topics, each of which I’ll edit down and then publish as individual videos over the next few months (probably twice a week).

Want to follow along with this journey? Come say hi on YouTube!

For more structured skill building, check out the sketchnoting courses and weekly workshops available when you join Verbal to Visual.