My Renewed Enthusiasm for YouTube - The Doug Neill Show - Episode 30

My Renewed Enthusiasm for YouTube

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How turning the camera on earlier in my process brought a new energy and tone to my creative work.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #30

Recorded on July 18th, 2019

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  • 0:36 – Why the last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, and how making videos has become the core of my creative work.
  • 1:52 – I talk about the idea of Core Content and Secondary Content within my course Learn in Public.
  • 3:00 – The example of Verbal to Visual: more documentation of the projects that I’m working on, rather than planned and scripted lessons.
  • 4:26 – Why I enjoy making things for YouTube: it’s where I spend my time as a consumer of creative content; the potential for constructive and positive conversations in the comments.
  • 5:58 – Outlining where I think I want to go with my new energy toward YouTube: continue with the behind-the-scenes documentation of sketchnoting projects; tutorials and “how to” videos that maintain the conversational tone that I’ve come to enjoy; “sketchnotes of” that show me sketchnoting the ideas of other people from podcasts, books, and videos, again keeping the conversational tone and sharing sketchnoting tips along the way.
  • 8:03 – How increased comfort being on camera is allowing for more of my personality to come through, thereby creating more authentic work.
  • 10:13 – How leaning in on a process that most engages me facilitates putting out videos on a more frequent basis. Unlimited bowling – we get as many chances as we want to bowl a strike, so why not bowl more frequently? That increased frequency also has the potential to support the economic engine behind my work: the sketchnoting courses that I sell.
  • 11:56 – From a sustainability standpoint: after a weekend break, what will you be excited to come back to on Monday? How can you infuse the most creative energy up front when you’re making the raw creative material, that carries you through the grunt work required from there? Making the strongest push possible on your flywheel.
  • 14:25 – Acknowledging that this is just how I’m feeling right now! In a few months this new system for making videos (or the two-per-week goal) might become unsustainable, so I’ll have to adapt. But I’m excited about the current experiment because I do think it has the potential to turn up the pace (just a bit) at which I’m running this marathon.
  • 15:32 – I encourage you to play around with these ideas! How might you better capitalize on where you enthusiasm currently lives?

The Video Version

I recently launched a YouTube channel for the show! Hope you enjoy it.

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